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We offer a variety of Glass products & services. We use top quality toughened glass for all our glass products. We work with you to understand your needs and design a perfect glass product for your home or office.

Structural Glazing glass

In structural glazing, the glass surface is framed fully and it is glazed structurally on the external surface. It enhances the artistic appeal of the buildings and is highly recommended for enhancing the beauty of exteriors and adding more pleasing modern look. It has been seen that a new trend of adding a structural glazing cover to many existing building is catching up very fast. These glasses are rendered by our talented and experienced professionals according to the client’s requirements for perfect execution, hassle free management and client-focused approach.

Shower Glass Partiton

Frame and frameless glass doors, frameless sliding.  All kinds of glass including clear, frosted, and the famous Enduro Shield an invisible-like, non-stick coating that improves cleaning of your glass shower investment making it more durable, elegant and cleaner.

Glass canopies

Glass canopies create a modern addition to the external face of properties. Glass canopies add a contemporary twist to the façade while enhancing the surrounding architectural design. They can be used for a variety of external additions including balconies and to create a contemporary front porch. Glass canopies can also be designed to offer a shelter over seating areas next to buildings, such as a bench placed against the external face of the building. The minimalistic design of the structural glass canopy creates an elegant design, its invisibility allows for the surrounding building aesthetic to make a statement.

Doors & windows glass

A beautiful entry door is a great way to create a lasting first impression of your home or business. The best entry doors are stylish and elegant, while also providing maximum security. We carry a wide range of attractive, durable options, including custom decorative glass entry doors, security doors, energy-efficient doors, and much more. We can help you make the entrance to your home or business the safest and most beautiful in your neighborhood. We can help you find the perfect door to compliment your home or business.

Curtain wall

A curtain wall system is an outer covering of a building in which the outer walls are non-structural, utilized to keep the weather out and the occupants in. Since the curtain wall is non-structural, it can be made of lightweight materials, thereby reducing construction costs. It comprises one of the elements of facade technology in high rise building. Facades involves window wall, cladding elements and curtain walls which generates the exterior envelope of the building. The curtain wall systems now possess structural importance equivalent to that gained by other structural elements of the building. As it has a higher exposure to exterior atmosphere, it has to be properly designed, installed and maintained keeping in mind the functionality and sustainability.


Skylights let in ample natural lighting, which results in reduced costs on artificial lighting. With more light allowed inside, a greater sense of space is created. By using laminated safety glass for skylights, the transmission of UV radiation is reduced. We have a range of clear & tinted glass ideally suited for roofs/skylights. Clear glass brings unmatched clarity while tinted glass enhances the visual appeal of roofs/skylights with their tinted shades. This glass specification reduces solar heat gain internally, allowing sunlight to pass through a roof window whilst radiating and reflecting the vast majority of the sun’s heat outside. As a result, your skylight can still allow abundant levels of natural daylight, whilst maintaining comfortable and pleasant environments.

Colour Glass

A colour tinted glass comes in several shades and can be used for doors & windows to complement the ambience of the house. Having the properties of basic solar control glass, it is perfect for use as a window glass. This glass helps keep out direct sunlight and can reduce transmission of the sun’s harmful rays by up to 80% thus minimizing fading to interior furnishings and thereby keeps the room warm and pleasant. The comprehensive range of soft natural colors compliments and harmonizes with modern building materials to provide an exciting and different look to new.


A balustrade is a name for that railing on a balcony, porch or terrace. It can be used in interiors and also in exteriors, balconies, terraces, roofs, hanging gardens, mezzanines, staircases etc. It consists of toughened laminated safety glass, aluminum support profiles, the option of a handrail, assembled as laminated safety glass panels. They have been subjected to a high performance mechanical strengthening procedure, finished off with HST treatment to eradicate any chance of spontaneous shattering.

Spider fitting

Spider System is a system for point-supported vertical glazing in which thermally toughened (Tempered) glass sheets are used, in single glazing or in insulated glass. This system consists of a number of accessories with metal arms. At the end of each arm, a sheet of glass is fixed by the corners with a special screw. The vacuum between these sheets is filled up with isolators to overcome mechanical pressure and weather conditions. This system is suitable for new-build and is especially effective for the refurbishment of old buildings. The type and thickness of glass to be used are defined by the specific requirements of the project.

Patch fitting

Glass to Glass Connecting Patch with Wall/Ceiling cover secured with small ‘L’ key Base Material. These items are made from heavy duty materials, offering a higher level of security than those typically used in residential applications. Many homeowners have been switching to commercial door hardware for the added security it brings to their private and personal spaces.


Your imagination will be stimulated by the numerous types of mirrors we carry, which include frameless wall mirrors, bathroom mirrors, gym mirrors, foyer mirrors and much more. Why not pamper yourself with fine looking bathroom and vanity mirrors? We can customize mirrors for you on request. Mirrored walls can add depth to your hallway and make the space appear much longer. Ornate frameworks add elegance and turn them into conversational pieces. Framed mirrors or a bathroom vanity will stand out as self-reflective art.